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      Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology CO., LTD. is the sole listed hearing aids/ hearing amplifier manufacturer in China, be famous for provide good quality and good price hearing aids/hearing amplifier. Main product:hearing aids, Hearing amplifier, ITE hearing aids, bte hearing aids, OTC hearing aids, OEM hearing aids, bluetooth hearing aids We passed BSCI, ISO13485, ISO9001, C-TPAT, SQP ,CVS HEALTH etc audit ,and all products with CE, RoHS, FDA certificates. It has successively established cooperative relations with the leading German health and daily necessities brand beurer, the American retail pharmacy giant CVS, the French supermarket giant Carrefour, and the Indian national medicine giant APPOLO. For more than ten years, Jinghao Medical has been relying on its innovative technology, outstanding quality and high-quality after-sales service. Services are increasingly occupying an important position in the fiercely competitive foreign market. Jinghao Medical is committed to becoming a leader in the domestic and foreign markets, and gradually expanding the direction of development to the Chinese market, to contribute to the world\'s hearing impaired people farewell to the silent world. 惠州市錦好醫療科技股份有限公司成立于2009年,是一家集助聽器研發、生產、銷售于一體的高新技術企業、瞪羚企業,業務遍及歐美、南美、中東、南亞等80多個國家。 自成立以來,取得了ISO13485等一系列醫療器械管理體系的認證,先后與德國健康生活用品領導品牌beurer、美國零售藥店巨頭CVS、法國商超巨頭家樂福、印度國藥巨頭APPOLO建立合作關系,十余年間錦好醫療以其創新的技術、出眾的品質和優質的售后服務在國外激烈的競爭市場中日益占據重要地位。錦好醫療致力于發展成為國內外市場的佼佼者,并逐漸將發展的方向拓寬到中國市場,為全世界聽力障礙人群告別無聲世界貢獻自己的一份力。

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